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If you’ve not yet met her, you’ll soon find out how this Brooklyn, New York native has the ability to leave her mark at the core of each and every venture she pursues. Karen Yelverton has earned the rights to a name that is synonymous with beauty, excellence, dedication, commitment and professionalism while proving herself as a gifted teaching & performance artist, poet, public speaker, actress, host, motivational speaker, model and entrepreneur.


She began her career at the age of thirteen and has since developed a resume exemplary of a well-polished professional. With a host of experience in public speaking, television and film, Karen is definitely no stranger to the camera. Always ready for work and willing to travel local or international to get the job done. Karen has served as the host of the first Jazz festival in Trinidad and Tobago, produced poetry and theater events in Los Angeles California, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. Making television appearances on the children Dexter's Lab show and sitcoms.


In late 2010 she put her career on hold to relocate back to NYC to care for her Mother and Uncle in NYC. Most recently Karen received her Bachelors & Masters in Communications and Performance Studies from Eastern Michigan University. In addition, Karen is an accomplished performer, training artist and print model. She has appeared in print advertisements for several magazines nationally and internationally. Karen was also the face of Evolution hair-care products appearing on the cover of goods sold in the Spain and Asia markets. With her unique style and ability to work the camera, she has become a favorite too some world renowned photographers. 


With the demanding schedule of a teaching & performance artist, public speaker, host, motivational speaker, model and entrepreneur. Karen still finds the time to give back to her community volunteering and working with community based organizations. Karen has become a favorite of several middle, high schoolers. Currently Karen implemented a comprehensive public speaking, poetry & prose program in organizations, nonprofits and schools throughout New York and New Jersey, at Ethan Allen in Brooklyn the fifth grade students organized a poetry group and with Karen’s program and guidance published their first poetry book in March 2017, which has now become a series of books to be published with upcoming writers of all ages. With a keen business sense she has now offers Poetry on Demand services where original poems are created for all occasions, events, conventions etc. 


As CEO of Angelic Kreations Inc., Karen has provided independent programming and training for the youth, promotions and marketing consulting services to a client list including Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, EMI songwriter Eric Roberson, executive marketing Queen Phillana Williams, and Schieffelin & Somerset. She has also had the unique opportunity to work with Nike Inc. as the operations, training and human resource manager. In this position she was responsible for direct marketing, the opening of six Nike towns worldwide along with event planning for product launches and other store promotions. 


Through hard work and dedication, Karen has been able to follow her divine path and looks forward to a long and prosperous career by staying grounded and humbled in the will of God.

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