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My life’s work has been to build innovative programs, transformational tools, and results-oriented processes that facilitate meaningful outcomes and significant breakthroughs–particularly in chronically challenged or underperforming areas in one’s life, organization or relationships. As a coach and consultant, I am a catalyst for deep internal change using holistic approaches that are creative, practical and effective in bringing goals and projects to fruition.   more...

"If you’re looking to push boundaries and expand your personal, professional or organizational capabilities, success or reach, Dr. M and the team at Conscious Enterprise, Inc. are your catalysts for accelerated growth and change. We provide services, tools and programs for reaching your next stage of evolution. We transform the mindsets and patterns that block progress in your life, organization, projects or relationships…and our specialty is overcoming chronic challenges. We are big advocates of empowering people to move forward by becoming more mindful, creative, strategic and systematic in shaping new levels of possibility. What’s the next stage of evolution you want to reach? Let’s talk strategy!"                Learn more.