Anjali Rose, Vocalist and Songwriter

We are in an age when anxiety and fear is on the rise. This is a perfect time to infuse art into our lives. Allowing art to be your soothing calm in the midst of this raging storm. Anjali Rose is an artist that is making sounds that bring a calming dream-like element that souls are seeking.

Anjali Rose is an alternative music artist. Mixing and fusing sounds to create a mellow melody or a jazzy rock-like bellowing vibration. She defines herself as a bi-cultural queer woman that is nomadic my nature.

Anjali Rose answered a call that Double EE Productions, LLC had for artists that identify as LGBTQ+, to be a part of DPVN Pride month. It was a submission that I was thrilled to receive. When clicking her submission link, I was very pleased with her music at the first few bars that bleed through my speakers and elated by her voice and the cultural vibratos that easily flow from her style of writing. Anjali has a unique but familiar sound to her music that carries her audience and fans to a place of enjoyment.

Anjali has been playing classical piano since the age of eight. She started playing in bands and writing her own music at the age of 20. One of the first bands that she participated in was an all women indie rock band called Sapphic Prince. It was in Montreal that a member of the band, Thanya Iyer, inspired her to take her music on the road. Anjali's music is influenced by her bi-racial heritage and continues to expand and grow from her global traveling experiences.

When you are listening to Anjali's music you can hear the cultural influences that streams through; combined with the elements of jazz, folk and maybe at times some experimental pop rock, you feel her eclectic nature of writing. I can not say it enough, her sound is soothing, tranquil and spiritual. There's a lifting elements in the smooth melodies that penetrates the eardrum. I have found myself at ease when listening to her music. There is a calming affect that takes place with in the first few bars. She has that Sunday morning stroll through the park vibe. That sitting by the water with a nice glass of wine during a sunset type of feel.

On June 23rd DPVN is going to offer you the experience of a social distancing lifetime, by bringing you a live performance from Anjali Rose on Anjali will perform a 45 minute acoustic set to a global audience. I invite everyone that is reading this to help celebrate and support artists that are a part of the LGBTQ community during our DPVN Pride month.

DPVN is all about the love and support of all people that professionally display and share their God-given talent. We are looking to change the dynamics of the entertainment culture, where our audience is in partnership with Double EE Productions, LLC (D'EE'P) and participates in supporting and empowering, as we expose, individuals that share their talent with the world.

DPVN is a collection of individual Lovers [what we call our audiences] that are #N2DEEP [in too deep]. Meaning that we are building a D'EE'P community of people who love and people who are supportive of independent professionals in the arts and entertainment field. Our co-creative support from the heart and wallets will help to sustain the life of an artist one by one. Allowing them to authentically create, grow and perform their work. I feel it's time to put the power back into the hands of the artists and DPVN is a platform that can be trusted to do so as we are 15 years in.

Again, I invite you and your friends and your family to support and be entertained by Anjali Rose on June 23rd at 8 p.m. EST. We ask that you support though your purchase of a ticket, that will give 50% of your Love to Angela Rose for her live performance. Escape into her world of the music for a moment and allow that experience to be with you for a lifetime.

RSVP. See you there.


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