New on DPVN, Destressing With Yoga

Winter Parris is a yoga instructor in New York City. She is an advocate for healing and Yoga, is one of her tools to help woman and men get through life.

Destressing with Yoga is an instructional program, on DPVN, that is teaching individuals how to use yoga as a means of destressing. The term to destress means, to relax after a period of work or tension. In our current world, where we are facing a pandemic, we are placed in a position where we are living in a way where tension is built via a lifestyle that has been put in place for our safety.

The inability to gather and commune is stressful on the body and the mind. There are people that are experiencing social withdrawal. Creating conscious and subconscious anxiety. Humans are built to be tribal and communal. Not to have touch is scientifically known to be a normal condition for individuals. Some, more that others. To gather at sporting events, at restaurants and coffee shops, alone or with family and friends, places us in a vibration that is invisibly warming to the spirit and the soul of beings.

Currently we are in a state of confinement. Our ability to breathe naturally is being inhibited through out the day, as well as how we are being asked to be out in nature, is being imposed upon. More so in larger cities where people are in close contact. Then there are people that are just fearful to be out at all. This level of fear, is a killer for the immune system. I feel it will take natural means to cure unnatural lifestyles.

I am happy to announce that Destresssing With Yoga is on DPVN. I see it as a means that can help our fans and followers that are in need of direct in home care.

Yoga is known to help the mind and body and also to connect you to your soul. We are in a time where inner discovery is one of the keys to get us to a more calm and relaxing place in our lives. Yoga is known to improves balance, encourage mental calmness and enhance better breathing. With this combination, it can reduce stress and has been recognized to increase a person's confidence.

Yoga is an ancient teaching that promotes harmony in the body and mind. As a collective study and practice amongst individuals and groups of people, yoga can also bring balance to a person's environment, with-in and around them. Yoga professes a complete system of mental and spiritual development that could in prove the physical and social development of an individual, based on their discipline and connection to the practice of Yoga.

On DPVN, Winter Parris is giving individuals an open door to Yoga. She is offering our subscribers the option to connect to her. As a member of DPVN you are able to address your issues centered around the stressors that are in your life. On the show, Destressing With Yoga, Winter will address her viewers and develop routines that they can use at home.

As you build confidence in what she is offering you can build beyond the DPVN program. As a DPVN subscriber you will also have the option to become a one on one participant or join a group sessions that Winter runs outside of the show. Winter Parris offers beginners and intermediates classes that will revitalize your senses, give way to resourcefulness, creativity and connectivity that you need in this time that we are facing.

Destressing With Yoga could be the vitality for living the life of your dreams and a path to discovering your personal joy. Subscribe today at

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