The Hip Hop Healer, Miz Dynasty

Miz Dynasty is a spoken word artists that is self titled as a hip-hop healer. A female rapper out of New York City who claims to be on a mission to help others grow with in through her spoken word artistry and her songs.

Miz Dynasty and I happen to share a mutual friend. We caught up a few months before the pandemic. It was then that I learned about her movement to get into singing more and that she was planning to expand her career in music and want to make more of an impact in the world with her spoken word.

You can hear that Miz Dynasty has a spiritual foundation in some of her songs. She is truly a woman on a mission. That mission is to heal through the use of art and entertainment. Through her you will hear her experiences and advice about how to journey through life situations. Also, being a black woman in America, I hear the concerns that she has for her people, when it comes to the life that we are seeking. Her concerns include self love and love in our relationships. She too is a queen searching for a king to be a part of her life. She rhythmically expresses the pain and the joys of being a woman through her spoken word.

She is not shy to speak out. You can find her sharing her thoughts on Instagram and YouTube. There you will find her also exploring her music that she is working on and that she has completed.

She is pro-love, pro-woman power, and possesses a foundation in her faith, giving Miz Dynasty a position in life to be heard. When you combine the power of self and the gift of talent and the desire to display your talent, it is an equation of creative Love. This is why I'm excited to find out what she will bring to DPVN Live on Friday, July 10th at 8:00 PM EST. Miz Dynasty will entertain our audience for 45 minutes and they will have the opportunity to talk to the artists as well. RSVP and join us on DPVN Live to hear Miz Dynasty do her thing.

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