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The Innovator, Kori Raishon by Sigrid Channer

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Innovator, one who inspires and trailblazer are just a few words you can use to describe owner and Conceptualist of Double ‘EE’ Productions LLC, Kori Raishon. He has spent 25 years in the fields of entertainment, digital marketing and digital video production. Not bad for a former architect turned CEO of a digital media company.

Great Start

When he was 12 years old, his church wanted to do outreach to the youth in the congregation. He volunteered to do a play for the church pageant. They let him write and direct it. Kori put his own creative touch on the story and It got great reviews. That gave him his first experience of writing, producing and directing.

While in college, Kori got involved in putting on plays and parties. From there he started to manage talent from the plays. That was the beginning of his multimedia career. Those experiences gave him a taste of his other creative abilities. After receiving a degree in Architecture from New York Institute of Technology, Kori worked for 16 years as an architectural designer, draftsman and photographer with the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation, renovating historic buildings.

Beginning a New

He started Double ‘EE’ Productions, LLC in 1995 with the mission to support, empower and expose independent artists in the people of color community, and registered it in 2001. His work includes graphic design, photography, production, business management and videography. Kori’s clients came from all around the country. Some of the people he created marketing campaigns for were R&B band Tri-Max, vegan restaurateur Brenda Beener, motivational speaker Veronica Conway and the Paulo Freire Charter School. Raishon also produced live performances at the infamous Nells in NYC and the NATIONAL BLACK THEATRE.

In 1998, he launched D’EE’P Hues, an online magazine, highlighting images and untold stories of independent artists in the New York tri-state area. It was in 2005 that Raishon produced his first talk show, D’EE’P Talk. He also executively produced his first dramedy series, Kindred, in 2005. His digital TV program credits include D’EE’P Hues (2006), Lifestyles with Sigrid (2009), DPVN Entertainment (2010 – 2011) and D’EE’P In the Streets (2012). In 2015 Double EE Productions, LLC closed its doors due to family responsibilities. In 2017, Kori Raishon brought Double EE Productions, LLC back - with a vengeance.

DPVN is a co-share network with a social impact mission. To support empower and expose creative content that inspires us to live our authentic lives. When asked about his inspiration for Double’EE’ Productions, LLC Kori stated, “I did not see myself represented on television. I only saw stereotypes of Black men and women. I felt that mainstream did not have a broad and developed insight into the characters that were presented to the masses. At the time, Black characters on television and in movies were mostly laughed at, killed off or did not play leading or heroic roles. It was because I felt that the lives of Black Americans were not studied enough, I created Double’EE’ Productions, LLC to give independent artists of color the same platforms of opportunity to develop their talent. Independent artists should be allowed to hone their craft as well as own their work. I also want to give our audiences the opportunity to see positive things that are happening in communities of color. D’EE’P covered celebrations that were happening in various communities, telling stories of Black lives.”

Resurgence of DPVN

All in all, Kori is passionate about what D’EE’P has done in the past and will continue to do in the future. Double EE Productions, LLC produces live cultural entertainment in areas that seek cultural diversity. The goals of the events are to help fund artists and non-profit organizations nationwide.

Kori Raishon is ahead of the curve once again with his new vision for UListMedia, another arm of D’EE'P. UListMedia is a directory of creators, supporters, businesses and organizations. They have some new and exciting programs coming up. Some of the programs include: Natascha Hardee’s, “Woman to Woman”. The show will focus on women’s concerns and triumphs. Felton Wooten, host of the show “Quality of Life Elder Care Planning” which will address elder care issues and concerns. Chef Brandon Walker’s, “Cooking Techniques with Chef Brandon Walker” is a cooking show that aims to share cooking techniques that will enable home cooks to be able to build a cooking repertoire. Winter Parris’s “Destressing with Yoga" will be a weekly program of yoga techniques. As we speak, Double “EE” Productions, LLC is adding more programming to their platform. Kori is looking forward to the expansion of his vision with new partnerships here and worldwide.

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