The Nhojj Experience

How can you not love Nhojj, is the question. I just happen to have a professional connection with, vocalist and songwriter Nhojj, that was created during a time when he was living in NYC. I was building DPVN and he was doing what artist do in NYC, the local touring of his music, building his brand, and delivering his sound through out the various clubs, bars and restaurants. It was through a mutual friend, that was too an artist, that I got the opportunity to meet him and hear his work. Instantly, I was hooked on his music and was in hopes for his success. Good work must be shared.

From the first time that I met the music of Nhojj, it resonated with me. I am a man who loves to Love and I have faith in the power of Love, I heard the Love flowing through each note that he sung. There is also an emotion that ignites through his musical arrangements and his voice. In the presence, you feel Nhojj!

Nhojj too, is a gentle Spirit. Angelic-like. Listening to the flow of his words, whether it is in song or through his poetry or he is writing his story, Nhojj delivers a serving plate of passion that is visual. It is more than his delivery, it is his heart that rings through all that he does. I feel that there is a rarity of authentic sounds from artists today that plays through the falsetto of their performance, not with Nhojj. He is the writer of his experience and allows his stories to be told through his craft, to the point that it becomes real to those that are open to listening, feeling and digesting that art. It is his unique gift, that has no mold.

We tend to walk through life searching for ownership of our own reality. Through a sea of judgments and societal rules and roles, we try to find that balance bar that holds us up through it all. The life that lives in Nhojj's music, truly shows his ownership of self. We get to go on that journey with him. The adventurous path of a strong talented man that happens to be gay is evident in his works. His walk through life has been a wandering melody of self love and experiences of finding Love. His mellow sounding flow opens us up to an understanding of a natural known fact about life and love. As an openly gay man, Nhojj has created songs that shows us that Love, is Love. That Love, has a vibration that is genderless, with a beauty that should be experienced by all. As an advocate, I am aligned to what I feel that Nhojj is alluding too through his art; Love is the natural Spirit of life and if we open up to it, we'll find our true reason for Being.

On his birthday, June 24th, Nhojj will share himself with you and I. Sharing his music, his poetry and maybe some of his writings. It will be a time to gather yourself from the heart-space and allow your mind to drift through the strumming of his guitar. On this evening and in your home, with family and friends, sit back and enjoy the sounds that become a common grounds for our lives. In 2020 there is a need for Love and a need to Love. Allow Nhojj to fill the air. He will deliver for sure. That is one thing I can promise our audiences, followers and fans. The Nhojj experience.

Nhojj is a multi-award winning artist who has performed various places in the world. He is recognized for being "Vocally Stunning And Emotionally Captivating" by Unashamed Faith Cafe; "OMG! What a beautiful treat!!" from Fabian Thomas; "Soul Comfort soothingly blends quiet storm, soul and sweetness all wrapped in a cozy blanket of spiritual awareness.” from Walter Greene, CARIBNews Newspaper and "I can testify that when this man sings, you can hear a pin drop in the house." from Robert Urban. He has been awarded by the following, OUTMusic, Music Award of Excellence, LGBTQ Film, RightOutTv, Indie Fest, Out Jazz Fresh Fruit Festival, and Homo Hip-Hop Poetry. One of his most popular videos.

At 8:00 PM EST you will not want to miss his live performance on Gift Nhojj with your support and walk away with an experience that will live with you for a life time. Click the image to RSVP for an experience you will not want to miss.


Double EE productions is looking forward to giving a portion of proceed at the end of Pride week to Princess Jane Place. "Princess Janae Place was established in 2015 to support the transgender/gender nonconforming (TGNC) and transgender/gender non-binary (TGNB) community, many of whom experience homelessness and housing insecurity. Princess Janae Place is New York State's first and only community based housing organization led by, and for, people of trans experience. Princess Janae Place offers a community-based, safe and accessible place for people of transgender experience to connect to critical services and support." - website

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